Panorama Composer

Panorama Composer 1.0

Panorama Composer is a program to create flat or 360 degree files from images (See all)

Panorama Composer is an easy to use program to create a flat or 360 degree panorama from selected images.
The user adds the selected images, taken with a digital camera, checks the correct order for them, determines if (s)he wants a flat image or a 360 degree cylindrical output file, and the application makes all the calculations for the overlapping areas, the 'contact' points, and it creates a panorama view out of the added images.

When the panorama is created, it can be saved as a jpg format image, as a postcard with exe format, ready to be sent as an email, or as a web page in html including the necessary code for it. The user doesn´t need any other auxiliary program or complement installed to obtain panoramic images; this application includes all the necessary means for getting the desired result. Also, the application comes with the usual adjustment possibilities, for the user to correct details or blendings.

The program detects automatically the used lens, as well as the focal length, when pictures were taken, and it has a customizable Flash interface.

All the images and the output picture can be saved as a project to be reviewed later.

The application is very easy to use since it includes a visual tutorial interface (wizard style) to guide the user in just three simple steps.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very powerful application. New features include converting panoramas into QuickTime videos


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